Today, I will not lose a single game 7000+


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  • Bostonjoker
    BostonjokerHace un mes

    No guys he was right, he lost more than once so he didn’t lose a single game

  • Completely not worried

    Completely not worried

    Hace un mes

    Lmao 😆

  • 2121iliketurtle


    Hace un mes

    i you iiiiiî join eec

  • Raymond Lauw

    Raymond Lauw

    Hace un mes

    ,,,,,@Anime Boy

  • Raymond Lauw

    Raymond Lauw

    Hace un mes

    @Anime Boy ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    Hace un mes


  • OωO
    OωOHace 2 días


  • Brad Ting
    Brad TingHace 11 días

    archer tower in cr when

  • Legendary Productions
    Legendary ProductionsHace 29 días

    68 People disliked this video because this is a clickbait, but I think B-Rad did a great job already

  • Poo monster Poo
    Poo monster PooHace un mes

    Imagine lose

  • Riley P
    Riley PHace un mes

    Brad do you know about the Battle Ram Hunter glitch?

  • Nickolas Kies
    Nickolas KiesHace un mes

    Took me 3 days to watch this bad boy

  • Dolo
    DoloHace un mes

    Nice title.... I skipped to a random match first 10 secs on the vid and u lost it

  • Prime Clasher
    Prime ClasherHace un mes

    oj zero losses

  • Sean747
    Sean747Hace un mes

    “Today, I will not lose a single game in 7000+” Of course I won’t, I’m not even at 4000 I quit years ago

  • Corey Faith
    Corey FaithHace un mes

    Dislike clickbait

  • Mini Creations
    Mini CreationsHace un mes

    6:25 lost because of a glitch

  • mohammed alkaabi
    mohammed alkaabiHace un mes


  • ok sure
    ok sureHace un mes

    B rad, I am in your clan and i k you only have 7024 trophies now

  • bibek s
    bibek sHace un mes

    b-rad i am in your global tournament. check the bottom of your global tournament and there will be a clan called duct cleaning. that is my clan

  • CookedPear
    CookedPearHace un mes

    You're first in the strategic tournament: win it for we

  • William Molaee
    William MolaeeHace un mes

    only reached master 3 not very good

  • Mustafa Arda Gürgöze
    Mustafa Arda GürgözeHace un mes

    We love you b-rad congrat for 34 wins

  • Mysinismikako
    MysinismikakoHace un mes

    B-rad is 1st on the new tournament but he didnt stream it😭

  • Game Loops
    Game LoopsHace un mes

  • Navas P
    Navas PHace un mes

    Wait, I think I know the reason why Brad is first in the triple draft tourney........ He has played so many weird decks that he's a god with every single deck

  • Vaff
    VaffHace un mes

    No guys he was right, the games he lost had a boyfriend

  • David Laid's Son
    David Laid's SonHace un mes

    Yo B-rad #1 in the GT rn???? hope there's a long highlight video or sum super sad you didn't stream it but good freaking job!

  • Peter ppeetteerr
    Peter ppeetteerrHace un mes

    6:25 he played miner, it ever takes elixir from him. Broken, so broken!!

  • Fatal Death

    Fatal Death

    Hace un día

    No the server lagged or something he didnt play miner, it took elixer because he used fireball.

  • strawhat633
    strawhat633Hace un mes

    awesome to see you at 34wins in the global tournament atm sitting at the top of the pack 👊 - proud subscriber

  • Andrew Layton
    Andrew LaytonHace un mes

    IceBow will ALWAYS be toxic brad.

  • Surya Murugan.M.S
    Surya Murugan.M.SHace un mes

    Hey give a like, those who noticed the goblin brawler glowing for a sec at 44:44... How is that possible??? 🤔 B-rad did u notice it?

  • JoisPuyo
    JoisPuyoHace un mes

    31:50 miniatura moment

  • aka KaoTiK
    aka KaoTiKHace un mes

    yikes the tilt at the end 😬

  • Kautilya Bhanwarayat
    Kautilya BhanwarayatHace un mes

    He didn't lose a single game of Brawl Stars. No clickbait guys.

  • Mystery Gaming
    Mystery GamingHace un mes

    “I was tightening my butt cheeks” for that pigs push haha that got me 😂

  • Sayem Bhuiyah
    Sayem BhuiyahHace un mes

    1:27:32 what a clone push, just wow

  • soul
    soulHace un mes

    Brad being dumb for the next 20 sec 33:48

  • Nikolas Gauthier
    Nikolas GauthierHace un mes

    I played a deck and my max trophies was about 5400, can you tell me if my deck was bad or if it was only me that was bad? Ebarbs, lumberjack, minions, goblin barrel, zap, fire spirits, mega knight

  • SixShooter
    SixShooterHace un mes

    1:04:54 He became Eminem for a sec🤣

    ALL STARSHace un mes


  • OneBlunt MoFo
    OneBlunt MoFoHace un mes

    Have you guys ever watched #Legendaray?

  • OneBlunt MoFo
    OneBlunt MoFoHace un mes

    This dude actually called all his subs who aren’t members PLEBS! Listen👉🏼 0:40

  • OneBlunt MoFo
    OneBlunt MoFoHace un mes

    #Brad I like quality, pro or above average content and #brad is a pro at least he used to be. I don’t know if he plays competitively anymore , but wow ! I cant listen to this kid for more than 15 seconds. I have to 🤐 mute him immediately😬 just to watch the content.....I do love animals so I like when he has his dog in frame he is a cutie...And I don’t know who you are talking to #brad when you say all the “PLEBS” 0:41 who aren’t members-but I ain’t no PLEB and neither the majority of your subs so 🤫🤫😡 and you guys who sub on YT, just to watch or participate in this kids streams -who can’t necessarily afford to member up or just don’t want to because, I mean........ why ???. He’s making it seem as if y’all aren’t as important to him as those who do member up......I wouldn’t support anyone like that or even someone who joked about something like that.....#Unsub #MortenDoesYT&isBetter.... #Sirtag is great and appreciates everyone. #JustSaying #HashTag -Ps. Isn’t it kind of odd that YT just didn’t fix the Non Member Chat for almost a month? Content creators want it all ,they want add rev they want % of in game purchases, now they want you to pay them monthly for their content?

  • OneBlunt MoFo

    OneBlunt MoFo

    Hace un mes

    @B-rad Actually Brad I just read my original text and I will admit It was kind of mean by saying Morten was better, and that I have to mute you 😏 all that was uneccesary, and had nothing to do with my point. I guess at that point I was spittN back in defense of your viewers. I’m all good tho....

  • OneBlunt MoFo

    OneBlunt MoFo

    Hace un mes

    I’m good brad... I know it’s hard to take context from reading a text but I wasn’t worked up in anyway.... I wasn’t trying to unload on ya either😂 Nor was i trying to be mean. I was just calling you out for being so blatantly disregarding to your viewers. Don’t take it personal just learn from it.

  • B-rad


    Hace un mes

    Feel better now? 🤣

  • narida
    naridaHace un mes

    forgot how good you were at this game and how kind you were :/ better start binging your videos again

  • Mansoor Alam Shah
    Mansoor Alam ShahHace un mes

    I don't know why but I had a feeling he will lose his first game

  • ashwin bapat
    ashwin bapatHace un mes

    *"I'm not losing a single game"* *Starts at 7138 *Plays 3 hours *Ends at 7109 _understandable, have a great day_

  • TheFlying1337


    Hace un mes


  • oixk3 3ysa
    oixk3 3ysaHace un mes

    NICE HAT B-)

    LUNáTICHace un mes

    I am a bottle.

  • Fredy Cornejo
    Fredy CornejoHace un mes

    14:00. B-rad whats the background song ? 🥺💖 I really like it hopefully you can answer

  • JANI Animations
    JANI AnimationsHace un mes


  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan LeeHace un mes

    If brad don’t drink water at beginning, the video lost its soul

  • rockbob
    rockbobHace un mes

    You are too.good for clash royale

  • Samuel Chee
    Samuel CheeHace un mes

    Close for content obviously!!

  • H. Y.
    H. Y.Hace un mes

    Why is everyone spamming laugh emote after game at +7k trophy lol Once I matched up againsta guy at 7.2k trophy in an event ( im in midladder btw ), guy won at overtime with 200hp remaining then started spamming thanks and laughing emotes

  • Vukasin Stevanovic
    Vukasin StevanovicHace un mes

    Why his Ram Rider stil has old picture

  • Louis
    LouisHace un mes

    New video only miner can do ur damage

  • Ashan Bala
    Ashan BalaHace un mes

    Brad, whd you leave the discord?

  • mikaleharb 11
    mikaleharb 11Hace un mes

    Best part the stream has to be 3:08:55

  • That Cream

    That Cream

    Hace un mes

    Your sentence is missing "of" and a brain

    INK NORHace un mes

    Today, I will lose every single game*

  • Sitting Still
    Sitting StillHace un mes

    Lol, the first opponent is _calpis_ which is the name of a widely available citrus flavored beverage in Japan.

  • Spy gaming
    Spy gamingHace un mes

    New role if you lost cuz of lag it doesn't count

  • X-Bow CR
    X-Bow CRHace un mes


  • Karan Gaming
    Karan GamingHace un mes

    I daily use 2 gb net by watching your old videos 😂

  • Horrxble
    HorrxbleHace un mes

    "I will not lose a single game" meanwhile he is wearing a cap

  • Ching Pong Poo
    Ching Pong PooHace un mes

    Brad alice is here once again

  • chim chim
    chim chimHace un mes

    calpis looks so stupid lol

  • Asfergx_1k G4rt
    Asfergx_1k G4rtHace un mes

    My dissapointment for the ppl in the chat telling brad to play icebow

  • Jacob Burke
    Jacob BurkeHace un mes


  • BeEtmaN
    BeEtmaNHace un mes

    your trophies went down by one ladder loss (30) in 3 hours of play time...

  • Gold experience Requiem
    Gold experience RequiemHace un mes

    I will not lose a game!!! Yes you will *sip of water* No he won't

  • Jakeh8s Grass
    Jakeh8s GrassHace un mes

    Lookin good Brad

  • Not Athur Morgan
    Not Athur MorganHace un mes

    Where is the good BOAH

  • Lucid
    LucidHace un mes

    Spoiler alert he lost

  • Joshua Wesson
    Joshua WessonHace un mes

    @b-rad the song I was talking about starts at 2:39:50

  • Collin Durre

    Collin Durre

    Hace un mes

    Try going to Google, tap the microphone button, and hum the song into your mic. No promises it’ll work, but it’s an option

  • Sai Kumar Davuluri

    Sai Kumar Davuluri

    Hace un mes

    @Joshua Wesson Spain without S

  • Joshua Wesson

    Joshua Wesson

    Hace un mes

    I wish I could describe it better but it doesn’t have any words and I don’t think humming it would help much in a yt comment

  • Joshua Wesson

    Joshua Wesson

    Hace un mes

    @B-rad no it doesn’t sound like it. The time stamp I sent was just before you could start to hear the song playing

  • B-rad


    Hace un mes

    A new river - viriya ?

  • I.b satria adi djayana 19
    I.b satria adi djayana 19Hace un mes

    B rad :wears hat cause someone gonna comment about hes hairs

  • eMuu u
    eMuu uHace un mes

    only 7 cards challenge: make a deck of 8 cards. BUT never use one of the card.

  • Tejasvi Sharma
    Tejasvi SharmaHace un mes

    His new hair style look like bojack horseman😂

  • Mr. Torgue

    Mr. Torgue

    Hace un mes


  • Mr. Torgue

    Mr. Torgue

    Hace un mes


  • Dylan Zelaya
    Dylan ZelayaHace un mes

    Beileve b rad beileve

  • Oliver Hill
    Oliver HillHace un mes

    B-rad actually broke the game tho watch that first game he does actually use miner and it takes his elixir and then miner just reappears in his hand lol

  • Nga vu thu

    Nga vu thu

    Hace un mes

    @Bruh But he lost 3 elixier

  • Bruh


    Hace un mes

    @Julian_Gamer 6:24

  • Bruh


    Hace un mes

    Na it just didn't deploy due to lag

  • Julian_Gamer


    Hace un mes

    What second

  • Orange Juice
    Orange JuiceHace un mes

    44:43 look at the goblin brawler it's colour kinda changes

  • Parth Sarfare

    Parth Sarfare

    Hace 14 días

    @Orange Juice he was in the area zone so...

  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    Hace 14 días

    The icewizard's attack never touched the goblin brawler, but ok lol, whatever

  • Parth Sarfare

    Parth Sarfare

    Hace un mes

    That's just the freezing effect of the ice wizard's attack

  • Sam Sawlor
    Sam SawlorHace un mes


  • Gustavo Gutierrez
    Gustavo GutierrezHace un mes


  • Ian Spencer
    Ian SpencerHace un mes

    I love how he says, “I’m so good at the game!” When he’s playing icebow

  • yessuh yessuh

    yessuh yessuh

    Hace un mes

    @Modal Soul literally one of the most skilless decks in the game

  • Modal Soul

    Modal Soul

    Hace un mes

    Someone’s a little salty? Lol icebow isn’t necessarily easy, especially with the x bow nerfs

  • Anurag Potter

    Anurag Potter

    Hace un mes


  • Colin Duncan
    Colin DuncanHace un mes

    why does b-rad sound like hickup from how to train a dragon

  • Ian Spencer
    Ian SpencerHace un mes


  • Kollel W
    Kollel WHace un mes

    Ur amazing

  • Nandhkishore
    NandhkishoreHace un mes

    Where's the undefeated stream B-Rad? Jk keep up the gr8 work!

  • Chad Girl who hate salty kids
    Chad Girl who hate salty kidsHace un mes

    That traditional sip of water smh ( ꈍᴗꈍ)( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • ArkUnited !
    ArkUnited !Hace un mes

    Can you lower your clan trophies limit to 5800? I wanna join

  • Ian Spencer
    Ian SpencerHace un mes

    Loses first match, lol

  • Acc
    AccHace un mes

    3 hour stream, starts at 7138, finishes at 7109. That's Cr for ya. Btw plz do the triple draft tourney stream, i beg... or at least make a video of it? maybe? stream would be 100x better tho. Also B-hat is B-hot 😍 No homo. Edit: First game you definitely played miner.. drag glitch... thats cr for ya. I don't know if you would have won but it would have been closer for the content

  • Ian Spencer
    Ian SpencerHace un mes

    He doesn’t look so good in a hat. Lol

  • Symeon


    Hace un mes

    @Corey Downs I appreciate that you posted this Corey Downs

  • Corey Downs

    Corey Downs

    Hace un mes

    Thanks for your input Ian Spencer

    AMAN KAPOORHace un mes

    Its classic to see coop in thumbnail

  • Saleem Najmeddine
    Saleem NajmeddineHace un mes

    Why do I feel like the title of the stream was a little bit of a lie

  • Neil vora
    Neil voraHace un mes

    Bro I am interested in your stream but the problem is that in our country the time when you stream is at 4.00 Am so we cannot join your stream so can you try to do stream at 5.00 Am or any else?

  • Aravind Gundakaram
    Aravind GundakaramHace un mes

    The title in the video..................... Bruh moments in Clash Royale be like :

  • Maulik Sata
    Maulik SataHace un mes

    I just woke up and stream ended.... As I live in India it's morning for me now....

  • Bag Stallion

    Bag Stallion

    Hace un mes

    Lol noob

  • Abel


    Hace un mes

    i'm from europa and its now here morning

  • Vishesh srivastava

    Vishesh srivastava

    Hace un mes

    Same bro

  • milk man

    milk man

    Hace un mes

    Fat rip

  • Blazeyy
    BlazeyyHace un mes

    Is it just me or b-rad doesn't read the normal peoples chat

  • Bag Stallion

    Bag Stallion

    Hace un mes

    @Noname Noname That's good

  • Bag Stallion

    Bag Stallion

    Hace un mes

    @Noname Noname Or just paying to support a streamer?

  • Noname Noname

    Noname Noname

    Hace un mes

    @Bag Stallion imagine paying to have something you wrote read by some guy

  • Ferenc


    Hace un mes

    @Bag Stallion me neither. With such a big community, who has time, or energy to read like all the comments.

  • Blazeyy


    Hace un mes

    @Bag Stallion 👀

  • bock buster
    bock busterHace un mes

    Always with a sip of water

  • Cool Name

    Cool Name

    Hace un mes

    @Bag Stallion didntask

  • Bag Stallion

    Bag Stallion

    Hace un mes


  • dee dee

    dee dee

    Hace un mes


  • Yukon Do It

    Yukon Do It

    Hace un mes


  • scoutmainguy
    scoutmainguyHace un mes


  • Sterling Smith
    Sterling SmithHace un mes

    “Today, I will not win a single game 7000+”

  • Abhinav


    Hace un mes

    Alternate title😎

  • Baran


    Hace un mes


  • Philip O.
    Philip O.Hace un mes

    "Today, I will not lose a single game 7000+" Me: *Press X to Doubt*

  • Rewas Gautam

    Rewas Gautam

    Hace un mes

    Loses first game like a hero anyways

  • Sterling Smith

    Sterling Smith

    Hace un mes

    @Philip O. congratulations

  • Philip O.

    Philip O.

    Hace un mes

    @B-rad hello😄

  • B-rad


    Hace un mes