Alpine Reveal Their 2021 Car: The A521


There's change aplenty at the Enstone-based Formula 1 operation with the Renault F1 Team morphing to take the name Alpine, a connection to the performance arm of the wider Renault Group.
Returning to the Enstone outfit is two-time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso who lines up alongside Esteban Ocon in his second season with the team.
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  • ChristianGO Senna
    ChristianGO SennaHace 8 días

    Somebody knows the name of the song?

  • SW R
    SW RHace 15 días

    Where is Infiniti logo on the car? Still fight with Nissan lol?

  • noenic
    noenicHace 25 días

    1:52 As a french guy, I recognize this tone as a school presentation in front of the class XD

  • Christian Lifestyle
    Christian LifestyleHace un mes

    Very nice car. hop It'll be FAST!

  • Christian Lifestyle
    Christian LifestyleHace un mes

    And Alonso? Where IS He ?

    KILL ME PLSSSHace un mes

    5:40 ....that it?

  • The Blue Car
    The Blue CarHace un mes

    French Car for French Driver Sorry, Fernando

  • George Games
    George GamesHace un mes

    terrible car reveal

  • Noer Salim
    Noer SalimHace un mes

    brivio penghianat😂

  • Marc
    MarcHace un mes

    that airbox looking like Choncc

  • Kevin David
    Kevin DavidHace un mes

    They are going to succeed this time

  • James
    JamesHace un mes

    this is so cringy is it just me?

  • Richard Staas
    Richard StaasHace un mes

    This is cringy 😂

  • gourav suman
    gourav sumanHace un mes

    you are here for 22:56 , admit it!!!

  • Benjamin Lazaro
    Benjamin LazaroHace un mes

    Are these real people or AI simulations? I'm not sure

  • Flanker 27
    Flanker 27Hace un mes

    Typical Renault: spends more on the development of the presentation video than they spent on developing the actual car

  • DeeP Bose
    DeeP BoseHace un mes

    and yes this was totally live, and totally not prerecorded, with totally distanced folks not even in the same studio or the rendered car, with totally unscripted responses, with normal attenuations n hesitations of a human being. What a GRAND start for alpine.

  • Hairron Nazri
    Hairron NazriHace un mes

    Middle team.

  • 荒木祐一
    荒木祐一Hace un mes

    2:55 5:05

  • Yo Ga
    Yo GaHace un mes

    I`m sure Davide Brivio will bring succes for Alphine team. Cannot wait this team on his hand !!!

  • Haopeng Sun
    Haopeng SunHace un mes

    Alonso is at 23:00

  • Joe Cobra Channel
    Joe Cobra ChannelHace un mes

    loved the Alonso wink at the end. man, i hope they have given him a decent car. I cant wait for this season to start.

  • Jay
    JayHace un mes

    Best looking car on the grid

  • Oldřich Ballák
    Oldřich BallákHace un mes

    Such BS

  • Tanuju Venkatesh
    Tanuju VenkateshHace un mes

    Hands down The best reveal of 21

  • Tiago Araújo
    Tiago AraújoHace un mes

    Alpine com esse azul turquesa metálico clássico. Mas e essa apresentação top de mas

  • Mr. Hamza
    Mr. HamzaHace un mes

    they look like a stressed student presenting his research in front of a violente teacher? isn't it cheaper revealing a car the classic way ???

  • Kiowe Indians
    Kiowe IndiansHace un mes

    Alonso 💪🏆

  • ChasingLamely
    ChasingLamelyHace un mes

    Full credit where it's due, the CGI team have done an incredible job. This is the worst special effects work I've seen since Plan 9 From Outer Space.

  • Fernando Alonso Mallqui Coronel
    Fernando Alonso Mallqui CoronelHace un mes

    22:58 Fernando Alonso el mejor de todos los tiempos.

  • Roland Heugstra
    Roland HeugstraHace un mes

    The car in this blue looks nearly like the Ligier from 1990/91.

  • Bence Jónás
    Bence JónásHace un mes

    I'm sorry, but 6:47, what a bad acting is that?? 😂

  • Danztdi
    DanztdiHace un mes

    Grande Davide 🤙

  • Enso Leung
    Enso LeungHace un mes


  • Hego Ney
    Hego NeyHace un mes

    I prefer the new Opel Astra Zeneca

  • Dino Geek
    Dino GeekHace un mes

    How is this 23 minutes yet Aston Martin is only 8

  • Relaxed & Motivated !
    Relaxed & Motivated !Hace un mes

    What a beautifull Car and team.

  • tingstrap
    tingstrapHace un mes

    6:35 Ocons hip swing lol

  • Esteban Hormigón
    Esteban HormigónHace un mes

    We gotta say that that the style of the launching is absolutely AWESOME. Congrats to Alpine for make such a big climate. Car is also a piece of masterpiece

  • Dan Okero
    Dan OkeroHace un mes

    is it fast enough for nando? the car is pretty

  • Mike-Daniel Klütsch
    Mike-Daniel KlütschHace un mes

    Hottest Car in the Tracks next year. Love the Design.

  • William Theodore Moningka
    William Theodore MoningkaHace un mes

    Well, this is silly. No Alonso, which supposed to be the key driver (and big news) for the team. Also, the car is just all 3D-rendered. The team can just create any fake 3D aero surfaces (or omit them). And that "hologram" skewed glass doesn't look nice at all. Lol. But great livery. Looking forward to see the real car on the track.

  • Preston Arnold
    Preston ArnoldHace un mes

    Who tf wrote and directed this? lol

  • David Baughman
    David BaughmanHace un mes

    So, we're not going to talk about the fact that this is not an actual car reveal? This is revealing a 3D rendering of what the engineers/designers _want_ the car to look like. Maybe if they spent more on the car's development than this silly 3D graphics charade, they'd actually be able to reveal a real car with real people standing next to it.

  • Johann Bezuidenhout
    Johann BezuidenhoutHace un mes

    We just want to see the car and get details on the specs we don't need 20min of preamble and bs thanks.

  • Prashant Parekh
    Prashant ParekhHace un mes

    Best launch so far

  • You Say Yes I Say No

    You Say Yes I Say No

    Hace un mes

    Worst launch tbh

  • frank o'connel
    frank o'connelHace un mes

    This car looks sick! I hope it performs has it looks.

  • Matthijs Plender1982
    Matthijs Plender1982Hace un mes

    Looks like a F3 2015 car...

  • Gray Fox
    Gray FoxHace un mes

    Renault 2020 with Alpine livery, is the same car from 2020 "Esteban, what do you think?"... "WOW it looks great", ok bad actor 👏😂🤙

  • Duvro
    DuvroHace un mes

    Ocon is actually a Bot Confirmed..

  • Skull Heart
    Skull HeartHace un mes

    Davide Brivio used to be Team Manager for Suzuki Motogp racing team last season not bad new experience

  • epic gamer man
    epic gamer manHace un mes

    I liked the powerpoint before.

  • Awal Ahmad
    Awal AhmadHace un mes

    I' am from indonesia "Lebih keren yang warna kuning kemaring"

  • Rushil Patel
    Rushil PatelHace un mes

    the most beautiful car on the grid or of the hybrid era

  • ssq778
    ssq778Hace un mes

    man... i still can't believe Davide Brivio, the man who makes Suzuki back to the top in MotoGP is coming to F1.... can he make this team back on top as well?? as someone who watches both... i'm looking forward to this!!!

  • menon koonjul
    menon koonjulHace un mes

    It looks jaw dropping

  • saturokel -Roblox
    saturokel -RobloxHace un mes

    ocon deserves an oscar

  • Maybach HL230
    Maybach HL230Hace un mes

    Kvyat signed with Alpine as a reverse driver!

  • Jacky Jackson
    Jacky JacksonHace un mes

    gp2 internet gp2, argghh!! no power, no power, lag a lot.

  • Harshit Mathur
    Harshit MathurHace un mes

    How many special effects do you want in the launch? Alpine: Yes

  • Mohamed Abdinur
    Mohamed AbdinurHace un mes

    I saw the Mercedes and RedBull launches and I can safely say this is a GP2 car that Alonso will let us all know about once his jaws are not literally wired shut like they were here. I think the livery looks sweet and the front nose is more like the Mercedes ... they had overheating rear brakes issue last year so I hope those new brake ducts can keep them cool this time around.

  • Rogers
    RogersHace un mes

    the A521 looks amazing but the w12 is faster

  • Gonçalo Marques
    Gonçalo MarquesHace un mes

    Ocon's performance was Top notch. Congratulations!

  • Mauricio Rodrigues
    Mauricio RodriguesHace un mes

    Gorgeous 😍

  • Tenzin
    TenzinHace un mes

    Wow, I've been pronouncing Alpine wrong the whole time.

    LUCAS YUDIHace un mes

    That metalic blue looks really amazing

  • Kimo Franke
    Kimo FrankeHace un mes

    Everybody hating but thats one of the nicest looking cars ever in f1

  • ibnu fardhani
    ibnu fardhaniHace un mes

    The whole reveal looks like a Providence Partners meeting with The Constant on Hitman 2

  • Greg McPherson
    Greg McPhersonHace un mes

    Esteban did very well. Not stiff at all, like many of the drivers so far in these things. And he was kind of swamped by the loud personality of Ric last year. He was a bit anonymous. Bring him forwards in the publicity.

  • PiousMoltar
    PiousMoltarHace un mes

    Alonso: I'm excited to rejoin the Renault F1 team! Alpine: What Renault F1 team?

  • Mason Moyer
    Mason MoyerHace un mes

    What an awful unveiling. The whole thing felt awkward and unorganized. Hopefully this team performs better then they allude to with this video.

  • Erolyse
    ErolyseHace un mes

    This is for the people that don't uderstand why they show a car in the begginng in the presentation, this car is an Alpine a110, the first Alpine ever created, it was a monster in rally, during the 1973 rally season, They were 4 Alpines in the top 5

  • MarvelousMike
    MarvelousMikeHace un mes

    This corporate speach stuff is so boring... wish people could be real for once...

  • Callum P
    Callum PHace un mes

    She’s put on some beef eh

  • Ami Démocrate
    Ami DémocrateHace un mes

    Un écurie française pour une présentation entièrement en anglais . Bravo la défense de la langue de Molière !

  • lesnake59


    Hace un mes

    Je suis d'accord avec toi, cette présentation devait être en français à 100 %. Nous devrons modifier la constitution française, pour interdire l'utilisation de la langue anglaise, en France.

  • Miracles
    MiraclesHace un mes

    PEPSI LOOKING FRESH 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Yurded Mhams-Kaant
    Yurded Mhams-KaantHace un mes

    Best looking car so far

  • Dyslex Official
    Dyslex OfficialHace un mes

    Alpine: Nando we have the car launch next week Alonso: Do I get to drive the car? Alpine: No... Alonso:.... Alpine: See you in Bahrain then

  • AÖ
    Hace un mes

    Absolutely the best car design of 2021 season

  • Rudi
    RudiHace un mes

    CG is used when you don't have actual product but you got to show something!

  • Jake33
    Jake33Hace un mes

    Renault didn’t want to be embarrassed by having little success so they renamed to Alpine but by having the French flag as a livery it’s more pressure on them 🤦🏻‍♂️ The yellow car will be missed 1000%

  • Uwe Heinrich
    Uwe HeinrichHace un mes

    .....if pit stops will be conducted by the team with the same logic as the structure of the presentation, Alpine will do the job in 30 seconds...LOL

  • Uwe Heinrich
    Uwe HeinrichHace un mes

    Very strange but typical French presentation.....Esteban covered the opening 1/3 of the show with the words normally expressed by the management, the CEO's speak last, 2 road cars from the 60's & 70s, 1 LD racing car and 1 F1 car (all totally unrelated to each other) are trying to communicate a cohesive history of over 60 years (with 4 cars LOL) while Fernando Alonso had no active part in the entire event and was only visible with a photo at the end.....This was really strange. I could not help it to feel that England was just a politically correct add-on the purely French oriented DNA package of the team......

  • max huhu
    max huhuHace un mes

    French people can make the show 🥳🥳🥳🥳😴😴😴😴

  • António Taveira
    António TaveiraHace un mes

    Ligier is back 😎

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario MartinezHace un mes

    That car is a beauty.

  • Tomas Baklazanas
    Tomas BaklazanasHace un mes

    Alpine like mountain

  • The Pious
    The PiousHace un mes

    A bit too virtual... I understand what they're going for but uh, we're all still in real life right? LOL

  • ait mekideche nabil
    ait mekideche nabilHace un mes


  • Ishaan Preetam Chandratreya
    Ishaan Preetam ChandratreyaHace un mes

    anyone find it weird to see this team without cyril. will it be the same?

  • mike
    mikeHace un mes

    misses the original 3fps. Kills the flow of the presentation

  • hmgc
    hmgcHace un mes

    too bad alonso cant attend. get well soon, champ!

  • V Bite
    V BiteHace un mes

    lets hope the car is better then the reveal. everyone is so uncomfortable its actually cringe to watch.

  • Jc2112
    Jc2112Hace un mes

    Ocon leaving Alpine for acting 2022 confirmed.

  • Dannyme01


    Hace un mes

    Best comment ahahaha

  • Thomas S
    Thomas SHace un mes

    Ok, so now they decide to make a pretty car... Why couldn't they do that when Ricciardo was driving it...

  • Matthew Cheng
    Matthew ChengHace un mes

    ocon: where is alonso alonoso has injury ocon: karma

  • Victor Persson
    Victor PerssonHace un mes

    This needs the original 5 fps. This is not right!

  • Lord DP
    Lord DPHace un mes


  • Viper
    ViperHace un mes

    Seeing this presentation, Alonso must have thought. Hmm, that bike accident had a positive outcome afterall and I din't have to take part of this. 😂

  • Mikael Biilmann
    Mikael BiilmannHace un mes

    Ouah. 😆