Eurovision 2015 Greatest Hits

Graham Norton and Eurovision 2013 presenter Petra Mede host a special concert to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest.
London's Eventim Apollo Hammersmith is the venue for this official anniversary event, which features some of the contest's most iconic songs performed by their original artists, including Brotherhood of Man, Johnny Logan, Dana International, Lordi and reigning winner Conchita. Arguably the contest's most iconic interval act, Riverdance make an appearance too. Other winners amongst the 15 performers from 13 countries include Nicole, Loreen, Herreys, Dima Bilan, the Olsen Brothers, Anne-Marie David, Bobbysocks and Emmelie de Forest.
Rosa Lopez performs a medley of some of Spain's best Eurovision entries, while Natasha St-Pier represents France with one of the country's biggest Eurovision hits, Je N'ai Que Mon Ame.


  • Pompeii
    PompeiiHace 5 años

    Anyone else really want Petra to host every single future contest? She's freaking amazing.

  • Hyber_ Zylox

    Hyber_ Zylox

    Hace 20 días

    Yes she is very good

  • Gajol1000


    Hace 23 días

    @klankungen That’s pure bullshit! I like her a lot and l know many people who do. And whats wrong with her Swedish accent? Maybe you only dont understand her humour? I think she’s great and I’m Swedish, BTW.

  • Tiff the Gamer

    Tiff the Gamer

    Hace 28 días

    this comment aged quite well

  • RICARDO Davila

    RICARDO Davila

    Hace 29 días

    Petran and Filomena from Portugal

  • Andreas Freyer

    Andreas Freyer

    Hace un mes

    @Eliel Rios 2016

  • mel clo
    mel cloHace 5 días

    Did it have to end?

  • FlaviusHH
    FlaviusHHHace 5 días

    This is a show of high dignitiy and quality. I am from Germany and similar German TV's Shows are unfortunately mostly poor, flat, and heartless. Thanks for sharing and Congrats to the producers and participants of this event - and the fantastic audience!

  • Alison Smith

    Alison Smith

    Hace un día

    Say what you like but you cannot beat the BBC at things like this, the quality and production is always top notch.

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger WitchHace 8 días

    We (the UK) have won the competition five times, so that is a positive. I actually feel lied to, for years I thought we failed yet here we are. Now I understand why Europe think that we don't take it seriously, as much as I love Graham and the late Terry Wogan, we need to embrace it not treat it like a dirty secret. I enjoy most of the past winners of Eurovison regardless of what language they sing in, so I love this.

  • Keine Daten
    Keine DatenHace 12 días

    The way how the backround choir sings ein "bischen" instead of ein "bisschen" is sweet and somehow funny. :-D (Nicoles song)

  • Peter Whitehead
    Peter WhiteheadHace 13 días

    Where's Sonia, Better the Devil you know from the UK, which was leading in 1993 up Till the last vote from Malta and we missed out by one point!

  • christina jonsson
    christina jonssonHace 14 días

    absolut !! Sweden ♡♡♡♡

  • Nuno Lourenco
    Nuno LourencoHace 17 días

    The hair of Loreen is horrible! Bad taste from the producers!

  • Lommy
    LommyHace 24 días

    Anne Marie David sings super amazing

  • Lommy
    LommyHace 24 días

    Brie Larson won the Eurovision?

  • Jean
    JeanHace 25 días

    It would be great if something this would be organized again, after confinement ends

  • Guillaume Tigre
    Guillaume TigreHace 26 días

    "She may sound like an airport, but she's in fact a diva" is my forever mood. (@ 19:10)

  • Tinkering_Carl
    Tinkering_CarlHace 27 días

    The wings of love guys needed some coffeine

  • Tesla-Effect
    Tesla-EffectHace 28 días

    Greatest Eurovision Hits? But where is Molitva?

  • TucBroder
    TucBroderHace un mes

    Brotherhood of Man nailed it! Sure they've aged, but that was epic :D

  • Anthony Labrum
    Anthony LabrumHace un mes

    Petra should host all the song contest every year, she brings fun and so much energy and entertainment

  • ercan koc
    ercan kocHace un mes

    Is this a joke ? Too many UK songs has shown from past years . This is the most egoistical eurovision program i ve ever watched. am I the only one thinking that way ?

  • August Bonde
    August BondeHace un mes

    If they had also gave us epic sax guy

  • Milan Slavkovic
    Milan SlavkovicHace un mes

    Voditelji su minus beskonačno!!!!!!!!!!! Odvratni, nepismeni i PRERUŽNI!!!!!!!!! Voditeljka pogotovo!!!!!!!!! Treba da se podvrgne EKSTREMNOJ plastičnoj operaciji!!!!!!! A voditelj je kao picopevac!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vytas R
    Vytas RHace un mes


  • rebecca
    rebeccaHace un mes

    the world's most deceitful absurd contest

  • Altonahh10
    Altonahh10Hace un mes

    Petra and Mans wrote history with the best hosting ever. They should do it every year :-)

  • Åsa S

    Åsa S

    Hace un mes

    Edward af Sillén should also be mentioned at the same time, he was the one who wrote their funny script and songs like Love Love Peace Peace.

  • henrik echers
    henrik echersHace un mes

    Petra and Graham should be hosts every year - great chemistry

  • Fanny
    FannyHace un mes

    God I love this competition, so much love and happiness shared between our countries!

  • Jennifer Bloomfield
    Jennifer BloomfieldHace un mes

    Sweden have won the most times, possibly followed by Ireland.

  • Jennifer Bloomfield

    Jennifer Bloomfield

    Hace un mes

    @westendpad yes I have seen some more entries, there are some good ones I think this year. We won't know until March though. It seems weird clarifying someone without knowing the song. I have seen other options and some I quite like but that was in January. But I didn't see him in the mix. But then I think Britain usually picks in March. Because they do a show, I think they just wanted to keep their place.

  • westendpad


    Hace un mes

    @Jennifer Bloomfield I have to say I h haven't seen a good response to Norway within the fan community, but you never know! Germany is extremely polarising, but I like how it is upbeat and certainly different. As for UK, James has said he is coming back with an upbeat 2banger2 so I think it's highly unlikely to be a ballad. I just hope it is a good entry, Lord knows we need it!!

  • Jennifer Bloomfield

    Jennifer Bloomfield

    Hace un mes

    @westendpad based on the countries I have heard so far I think Norway or Germany, France is also good, she has an amazing voice. But there are still probably 36 countries I haven't heard yet. So this might change. I think based on the fact Germany have gone slightly different this year they could do quite well. But like I say there are 41 countries that take part and most I haven't heard yet so, who knows. I hope Britain decide to do something slightly different, like do something in Welsh or something, or maybe do a rock song, I hope they don't choice another power ballad as everyone seems to do power ballads, I think that's why it's nice to see something different and why Germany could do well this year. I guess we will see.

  • westendpad


    Hace un mes

    @Jennifer Bloomfield yes that’s correct. Be interesting to see who takes the crown this year!

  • Jennifer Bloomfield

    Jennifer Bloomfield

    Hace un mes

    @westendpad yeah I do know I thought it was that way but I looked and it's the other way, I had already posted it by then though and didn't get round to changing it. Sorry for the mistake I believe Ireland have won 7 times and Sweden 6 times.

  • Robert De Groot
    Robert De GrootHace un mes

    I think the COVID situation is a fanastic opportunity to host the next Eurovision in the old 70's style: just a small theatre with a naked stage. Bands sing their song without light or pyro effects, and afterwards all the results are called in to a huge landline phone on stage.

  • Michael Muldowney
    Michael MuldowneyHace un mes

    43:03 I love how emotional Nicole is - clearly overwhelmed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the audience.

  • Erik Skifte
    Erik SkifteHace un mes


  • Sternenguckerle yo
    Sternenguckerle yoHace un mes

    Wow so funny that the Bobbysocks dropped the pants of the dancer as the male members did with the skirt of the two Ladies of The Bucks Fizz

  • Sternenguckerle yo
    Sternenguckerle yoHace un mes

    Toll, dass auch Nicole eingeladen wurde und Ralph Siegel erwähnt wurde. Sehr schön! Und auch Katja Ebstein kam noch mal zu Ehren!

  • Escorpio Omega
    Escorpio OmegaHace 2 meses

    17:33 "Waterloo" by ABBA and the rest follow Them 1:27:17 "Waterloo" change Eurovision too and was the best song ever of all editions (but nobody does like ABBA)

  • Escorpio Omega

    Escorpio Omega

    Hace un mes

    @Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop Of course I see ALL the 17 songs of Eurovision 1974

  • Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    Hace un mes

    Did you know that the UK gave ABBA No points?

  • Oleg Fazleev
    Oleg FazleevHace 2 meses

    жаль что не выиграла.

  • TucBroder
    TucBroderHace 2 meses

    What a lovely stroll down memory lane :)

  • Magnus Ukkonen
    Magnus UkkonenHace 2 meses

    Fantastic, what a show!

  • ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ komocity
    ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ komocityHace 2 meses

    "That Greece and Cyprus gave someone else the 12 points" Who would have thought that on ESC2015 Greece and cyprus didnt exchange 12 points XD

  • Lee Daniels
    Lee DanielsHace 2 meses

    LMAO! I thought Will Ferrell was going to perform any minutes!

  • Rebecca Madsen
    Rebecca MadsenHace 3 meses

    They should do this every 5 years 😍

  • Panormus ^_^
    Panormus ^_^Hace 3 meses

    I liked the italian songs in this northern european show lol

  • Antoine Pagnier
    Antoine PagnierHace 3 meses

    Je suis le commentaire français que tu cherches 😉

  • D M

    D M

    Hace un mes

    Enfin ! Je me demandais où étaient passés mes compatriotes et le reste des fans de la francophonie. Petra se débrouille super bien en français.

  • kbh prinsesse
    kbh prinsesseHace 3 meses

    Bobbysocks 4ever



  • stevebbuk
    stevebbukHace 4 meses

    Was 2016 a vintage year?

  • Frank Madsen
    Frank MadsenHace 4 meses

    i was missing Carola from Sweden with framling in the show

  • laurent guichard
    laurent guichardHace 5 meses


  • laurent guichard
    laurent guichardHace 5 meses


  • laurent guichard
    laurent guichardHace 5 meses


  • VictorPuertollano
    VictorPuertollanoHace 5 meses

    Soy fan de eurovisión desde que tengo uso de razón. Todas estas canciones y muchísimas más, que para los jurados pasaron inadvertidas, estarán en mi vida y en mi corazón. ¡¡¡que sano era todo antes!!!

  • Денис
    ДенисHace 5 meses

    Like for Petra Mede👍🏻

  • Chelsea Isabel Kelly Pereira
    Chelsea Isabel Kelly PereiraHace 7 meses

    Minute 22.46 god is very funny,love Graham’s face

  • pilsner2b
    pilsner2bHace 7 meses

    Anne-Marie David and hers Tu Te Reconnaitras ( sorry the spelling ...^are not usual in Swedish but we have in Korv in accent (is it the right word ?) kôrv)....(Det gick å göra😍) is the best...!!!

  • PhilipTheBigOne
    PhilipTheBigOneHace 7 meses

    12:27 And just 7 weeks later, Greece & Cyprus both gave 12 points to Italy...

  • Hellen Banahene
    Hellen BanaheneHace 7 meses

    I guess from the audience and everyone's reaction Waterloo is still the best thing to ever come from Eurovision

  • ערוץ אשנב
    ערוץ אשנבHace 7 meses

    זמן: 18:33 עד 22:37 : ישראל...

  • Steinar Mogen
    Steinar MogenHace 7 meses

    Finland was so underrated in ESC 2015. Would have qualified with televotes. Great, honest, different and so unique. I loved their punk rock style. Such songs are ESC at it's best. Great catchy energy! There were still 3-4 better songs that year to me, but it's kind of the entry I admire the most. And not because it's "politically correct". There were many great songs: Australia, Finland, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Belgium, Hungary (NOT the lyrics though!!!), Slovenia etc. I thought there would be a Conchita-effect that year, but that didn't happen :)

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony BarrattHace 7 meses

    And then their eurovision greatest misses

  • UwU Fishron
    UwU FishronHace 8 meses

    ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Диана Батурина
    Диана БатуринаHace 8 meses

    Even Dima from Russia is here!Yay!! ❤

  • chicken noodle soup
    chicken noodle soupHace 8 meses

    Graham is usually way funnier he probably got told to play in down lmao

  • Anna Froby
    Anna FrobyHace 8 meses

    Im swedish and looooove Loreen think she is best one ever of all eurovisionen better then ABBA but the olson brothers are so good so denmark lots of love 💓

  • Henrik Amalia
    Henrik AmaliaHace 8 meses

    these old people are so wholesome i can't stop smiling

  • MoroMou
    MoroMouHace 8 meses

    Helena Paparizou should have been invited 😑

  • Nodabené
    NodabenéHace 8 meses

    38:51 what did he say?

  • ZugnachPankow / パンコー 行きの電車
    ZugnachPankow / パンコー 行きの電車Hace 8 meses

    Eurovisions Queen is Valentina Monetta!

  • Benjamin Nolan
    Benjamin NolanHace 8 meses

    *skips Dima* :|

  • Benjamin Nolan
    Benjamin NolanHace 8 meses

    _Tu te reconnaîtrais_ really is a beautiful song, though.

  • Tobi-Toaster 480
    Tobi-Toaster 480Hace 8 meses

    There are some Eurovision Legends missing: Alexander Rybak Verka Serduchka SunstrokeProject & Oli Tira (with the Epic Sax Guy of course)

  • gaga gugu
    gaga guguHace 8 meses

    Excellent show! The English proved once again they can do it! Bravo!

  • Rachael Ross
    Rachael RossHace 8 meses

    I’ve never seen this but I’m glad I found it

  • Rachael Ross
    Rachael RossHace 8 meses

    This is hilarious

  • Luca TV
    Luca TVHace 8 meses

    Bobbysocks robbed us in 1985. Wind should have won and the 1986 ESC should have been held in Berlin

  • WienerVL


    Hace un mes

    Nach 35 Jahren noch immer im Schmollwinkel? ;-)) Irre!

  • vikopm022
    vikopm022Hace 8 meses

    The level of disrespect with italy... #toomuch

  • Marvin Jan Rivera
    Marvin Jan RiveraHace 8 meses

    Fire Saga brought me here

  • MarionTheCurious
    MarionTheCuriousHace 8 meses

    Such a wonderful show with a great audience and presenters! People will never forget Loreen and the audience was ecstatic for her. I had goosebumps listening to Natasha, Loreen, Nicole, Conchita and the Olsen Brothers. Had to edit my comment because I liked everyone, every song and every moment! Thank you!!!

  • Garry Wallace
    Garry WallaceHace 9 meses

    Is Petra human? She is like a fabulous alien from another planet.

  • pilsner2b


    Hace 5 meses

    @Jonas Larsson engelska var väl hennes stora problem innan , frankofil som hon är ..... Men löste det bra ...!

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    Hace 8 meses

    While most hosts struggles to speak english, the swedish hosts makes an effort to speak multiple languages.

  • Z
    ZHace 9 meses

    Does anyone think Conchita should sing a Bond song?

  • Eren Aygün
    Eren AygünHace 9 meses

    Why is Sertab not? ;(

  • albus221
    albus221Hace 9 meses

    Natasha St-Pier's performance is giving me goosebumps

  • EbWi
    EbWiHace 9 meses

    No one will ever beat Carolas Fångad av en stormvind

  • mrleeco123
    mrleeco123Hace 9 meses

    Can tell how much petra doesn't like Graham

  • Underestimated37


    Hace 9 meses

    No-one likes Graham, I really wish they’d give him the boot

  • Aidan Sheridan
    Aidan SheridanHace 9 meses

    Johnny Logan the only man to win it 3 times Ireland is the only country to host it 3 times in a row Ireland has won it 7 times

  • Gavin Doyle
    Gavin DoyleHace 9 meses

    Sure, Lordi haven’t aged a bit! 😜🤘🏼🇫🇮

  • MRaun
    MRaunHace 9 meses

    It’s been 20 years and Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud/Fly On The Wings Of Love still gives me goosebumps.

  • sspito
    sspitoHace 9 meses

    Petra Mede, douze points!

  • Lion's Den
    Lion's DenHace 9 meses

    Ane-Marie David looks like a granny XD

    LIBERTATEMHace 9 meses

    2006년이후로 챙겨보지않았지만 유럽음악을 접하기힘들던때에 귀한 이벤트였지요 70,80년대 명곡시리즈를 오리지날로 지금들을수있는 문화가 부럽습니다. 해리스 나이든게 ㅎㅎ i luv esc fr korea ~♡

  • Constanze Biller
    Constanze BillerHace 9 meses

    1. 9:30 she is so cute! But the voice is really the same! Très bien! 2. I am wondering, how good they all Look like 3. This is a Show, you could watch more than one time! Thank you

  • Arli Orlovski
    Arli OrlovskiHace 10 meses

    Graham to Petra: "You feel better now?" Petra: "Oui"

  • Isabelle Ricordel
    Isabelle RicordelHace 10 meses

    Not speak FRENCH tonight ??? This is a racism anti FRENCH ???

  • Isabelle Ricordel

    Isabelle Ricordel

    Hace 8 meses

    Oui je sais mais j'aurais aimé voir Marie miriam dernière gagnante de la France au minimum et Joëlle ursull sans parler de Amina c'est françaises sont même pas la pour représenter la France par contre je sais très bien que il y a des pays francophones mais je suis déçue par ce boycott anti France dans les émissions de Londres que je connais bien ça fera cette année 5 fois que j'y vais........

  • baraka mena

    baraka mena

    Hace 9 meses

    It’s just an easy shot... some forget that not only France speaks french...Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco also speak and sing in french

  • chemouvski
    chemouvskiHace 10 meses

    I prefer Rybak than the other norwegians

  • CertyBrownBoy
    CertyBrownBoyHace 11 meses

    Anyone here after corona virus cancelled eurovision? :(

  • Pia Hansen
    Pia HansenHace un año

    Anoying some of the entries was not sa g in the original lamguage but english

  • John Mclaughlan
    John MclaughlanHace un año

    Petra is amazing and Graham too. But I was there that night. And it was so concentrated on the UK. Poor show from the BBC.

  • James Martin
    James MartinHace un año

    I love the fact they've re-used the 2013 Children In Need Rocks set... so very BBC.

  • Tigris HF
    Tigris HFHace un año

    There's nothing in the world like Eurovision!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Ronen Tene

    Ronen Tene

    Hace 7 meses


  • Mads D
    Mads DHace un año

    Sorry, Ein Bisschen Frieden sounds best in German. When in doubt, keep your songs in your own language.

  • Review cùng Vũ
    Review cùng VũHace un año

    I think Brotherhood of Man is the ABBA of UK.

  • Johnnyxluna
    JohnnyxlunaHace un año

    let's have them do this again in five years time

  • Néstor Flores
    Néstor FloresHace un año

    Who think that Petra is the best presentar ever?

  • Mark O Donovan
    Mark O DonovanHace un año

    And loreen

  • Mark O Donovan
    Mark O DonovanHace un año

    I was there that night with my sister brilliant night it was. Highlights was concita wurst and riverdance and emile de Forrest