SPAIN EUROVISION 2021 // Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme (Destino Eurovisión) // ESC REACTION VIDEO


SPAIN EUROVISION 2021 // Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme (Destino Eurovisión) // ESC REACTION VIDEO
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  • Andrea Costa
    Andrea CostaHace 14 días

    Please vote Spain

  • Gioy Scali
    Gioy ScaliHace 19 días

    Amazing music, amazing lyric, amazing voice. Blas Cantó deserves to be in Eurovisión 2021 with this wonderful song👏👏👍💯

  • Samay Gutierrez Gutierrez
    Samay Gutierrez GutierrezHace 22 días

    His voice is amazing, I’ve seen him live and his voice is incredible 😍. But I agree with Dennis this is not a song for Eurovision but even if we have a good song we never win so good luck Blas. Such a sweet guy 👏👏👏

  • Berta Sánchez
    Berta SánchezHace un mes

    Okay the reference to the sun refers in my opinion that there's more life since she lost his grandmother because he had covid it's more if you go to the video clip and see it everything is understand

  • vampiricantropo
    vampiricantropoHace un mes

    From SPAIN thanks 👌

  • Stefania Baca
    Stefania BacaHace un mes

    Su voz ,preciosa. Pero la canción es forgettable....the song is too forgettable, although he has a beautiful , pure voice. I agree with you, his acapella at the start of his performance is a great start

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose GuerreroHace un mes

    In the start is like THE RING!!!! jajaja

  • Poly Kala
    Poly KalaHace un mes

    People: Please stop saying is dedicated to his father who died rencently. This will make him a winner. This is about the song NOT the father loss. Get real!

  • Jaume Soler Vidal
    Jaume Soler VidalHace un mes

    Great singer and great, he is not going to win.

  • egolon's ville
    egolon's villeHace un mes

    The song says: "Voy a quedarme" = I'm going to stay "Prometo quererte más que ayer" = I promise to love you more than yesterday "Voy a besarte muy lento, como la primera vez" = I'm gonna kiss you very slow, like the first time "Y dejar atrás el miedo con tu alma entre mis dedos" = and leave fear behind with your soul between my fingers "Quédate" = stay "Porque yo voy a quedarme" = because I'm going to stay Same as Blas I'm going to stay cheking this channel a bit more, this was the first video I watched and have loved your content, hugs from Spain

  • AlberTops
    AlberTopsHace un mes


  • Beatriz L. M.
    Beatriz L. M.Hace un mes

    I'm sorry for Blas but the song is creaming top bottom...

  • Covi Díaz

    Covi Díaz

    Hace un mes

    Lolz ........ i wish blas canto can shut you up

  • Anfrers
    AnfrersHace un mes

    The tittle means I'm gonna stay

  • rushumakeup
    rushumakeupHace un mes

    I still think memoria was a better choice

  • Gabriel Murga Torres
    Gabriel Murga TorresHace un mes

    Spain 12 points

  • GreenScreen


    Hace un mes


  • Valentín Maestre Alonso
    Valentín Maestre AlonsoHace un mes

    Saludos desde Spain . Gracias amigos por vuestra reacción a nuestro gran Blas Canto y su gran tema. Creo quedará en el 'Top-5'

  • Diego Sc

    Diego Sc

    Hace 9 días

    Perdon que te diga.. Blas canto como cantante un diez.. La cancion para eurovision deja mucho que desear.. 0 point to Spain

  • Geda


    Hace un mes

    Top 5 JAJAJAJAJAJ bottom 5 y confórmate si no es el último puesto.

  • Miguel Doñoro

    Miguel Doñoro

    Hace un mes

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo (I agree with you)

  • Benjamín Vesanovich
    Benjamín VesanovichHace un mes

    It is not a winner song. Big hug from the Republic of Panama.

  • Carlos Yañez
    Carlos YañezHace un mes

    The song was written after the death of his father from cancer and a few months after the death of his grandfather from Covid19, it is a song that is a faithful reflection of what has happened in many families in the world this year, I wish you good luck Blas Cantó and I hope he is very lucky in Eurovision 2021, he is a great singer and deserves a good position.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario RodriguezHace un mes

    Mucha Suerte Blas🙌🏽🙌🏽💪🏼💕🍀🇪🇸

  • almu moreno
    almu morenoHace un mes

    As some of you say in your post, it is a very emotional and sentimental song, especially because of how it begins a cappella ... He is a great person, a good singer who bristles the skin with his voice, Lyrics of the song: I'M GOING TO STAY Stay tonight to watch the sunrise feel your voice Caressing me Stay one more second nothing to lose While drawing a sea of memories on your skin I have lowered the sky to discover What is hidden in your eyes Just a few inches from me (Chorus) I'm going to stay and I promise love you more than yesterday I will kiss you very slow Like the first time And leave the fear behind With your soul between my fingers stay Because I'm going to stay I know there are many like me with so much to offer But I swear that this love no one can beat And even if our dance gave one step back Do not worry I will always dance with you What difference does it make if the world collapses today Or what if it were tomorrow? I'm never going to leave your side (Chorus) I'm going to stay and I promise love you more than yesterday I will kiss you very slowly Like the first time And leave fear behind With your soul between my fingers stay Because I'm going to stay (Bridge) By your side even though the ground shakes The sun goes out The sky falls the two a few inches apart (high note) Ahhhhhhhh And leave the fear behind With your soul between my fingers stay Because I'm going to stay

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose LopezHace un mes

    “Voy a quedarme” Iam going to stay . his father and grandmother passes away last year.

  • Thermorecetasbyalex
    ThermorecetasbyalexHace un mes

    The song is very emotional dedicated to his father who died last year,and her grandma also died due to Covid... what a pity that maybe Europe wont understand the feelings of the song because the language

  • Wikiwiki 27
    Wikiwiki 27Hace un mes

    Hey! I made a traduction video of this song, I invite you to watch it!!:))

  • Harry Nugent
    Harry NugentHace un mes

    This is sooo good I love this years entry! I prefer it to last year actually!! This is more personal for me and intimate and genuine compared with last years song🥺❤️

  • Francisco Javier Pacheco
    Francisco Javier PachecoHace un mes

    It is a very very sentimental song, it is dedicated to his father who died just the day before the grand final of Eurovision 2020. He talks about how despite the hard times and the difficult situation, he will continue on.

  • pilar gonzalez
    pilar gonzalezHace un mes

    This song was written when his grandmother died because of the COVID-19, so it has a strong meaning of that moment and to all the people who have lost beloved people in this horrible period

  • Patrick
    PatrickHace un mes

    Aaaaaah what would Eurovision be without it's Sentimental Ballads? Good delivery, good imagery, I liked it. Pretty standard, I agree, but, I think it will depend on how many slower songs there will be this year. This could stand out, IF there are not too many other ballads (and also depending on how those other ballads sound of course). Then this could become an oasis of rest and therefore stay in many people's mind when it's voting time. Btw, Three songs today, three different styles, it's seems our wish for diversity is answered! :)

  • Gregory Lopez
    Gregory LopezHace un mes

    There is no coded reference in the stage designed. It was designed by a dated and untalented idiot who was paid by Spanish Tv to do a average job.

  • STUFR Reacts

    STUFR Reacts

    Hace un mes

    Oh wow that sounds awesome. Thanks for letting us know🥰

  • Christian Fayos Vidal
    Christian Fayos VidalHace un mes

    he wrote the song after his father died, and he recorded it in the studio after his grandmother died from COVID. It is a very sentimental song for him, the moon refers to the loneliness of Blas. The chorus says: And leave fear behind with your soul between my fingers, stay, because I'm going to stay

  • STUFR Reacts

    STUFR Reacts

    Hace un mes

    Oh that is a beautiful meaning. Thanks so much for letting us know❤️