Israel flattens Gaza building hosting AP, Al Jazeera in air strike | AFP

Israeli strikes hit the Jala Tower in the Gaza Strip, a 13-floor building housing Qatari television station Al Jazeera and the American news agency Associated Press.

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  • Ali Muljo
    Ali MuljoHace 4 d铆as

    Mantafffff...... Love Israel.

  • Dafook Barosh
    Dafook BaroshHace 11 d铆as

    The building was used by terrorist group Hamas for terrorist activities. If AP and Al Jezeera like sleeping with the dogs, they should be prepared to wake up with the flees.

  • Kojack Ally
    Kojack AllyHace 18 d铆as

    Just like how they took out twin towers and said bin laden did it that why the jews was dancing

  • Ayush Negi
    Ayush NegiHace 18 d铆as

    Hamas media office destroyed

  • Universal Truth
    Universal TruthHace 23 d铆as

    Respectful Israel.

  • Universal Truth
    Universal TruthHace 23 d铆as

    Bravo! Israel.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueHace 25 d铆as

    Beautiful 馃榿鉂わ笍

  • Abraham Wagner
    Abraham WagnerHace 26 d铆as

    Just lucky Israel didn't flatten the entire city. Sending 4,000++ rockets to kill Israeli civilians has consequences.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiuHace 26 d铆as

    A missile fell 100 meters away from me. I felt my brain almost out of place.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa NiHace 28 d铆as

    It could be one or two 1000 pound guided JDAM missiles aiming at the low part of this building....

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Hace 25 d铆as

    Israel will lose the war and face consequences of what they鈥檝e done

  • Zahra Mammadli
    Zahra MammadliHace 28 d铆as

    Big love to 陌srael from Azerbaijan so we are stand with Israel 馃嚠馃嚤馃嚘馃嚳馃嚠馃嚤馃嚘馃嚳馃檹鉂

  • Kava Srinu
    Kava SrinuHace 29 d铆as

    God Bless Israel.Amen.

  • Amogh Verma
    Amogh VermaHace 29 d铆as

    God Save 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Hace 28 d铆as

    Whatever, sayin it again, whatever be the cause, The one who kills is the Devil not Human. God please forgive them馃槶馃檹

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian PetersonHace 29 d铆as

    Good job

  • Yara Hatem mahdi
    Yara Hatem mahdiHace 29 d铆as

    Im one of the livers in the tower, and I am the granddaughter of the owner. Why did they destroy it? What did we do for them? We have become like homeless people ,after we used to spend the best days in the tower馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃

  • 讗讬转谉 住讜驻专
    讗讬转谉 住讜驻专Hace 29 d铆as

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  • yasio bolo
    yasio boloHace un mes

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  • Yamil Mustafa
    Yamil MustafaHace un mes

    Ahhhhhh dios miooooo 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺 me da pena

  • Ajay Anand Manoharan
    Ajay Anand ManoharanHace un mes

    If they are targeting Hamas, why would the Israeli forces go to the building and warn the occupants allowing "Hamas" to escape. They are just bombing property to destroy peoples hope and livelihood creating more militants.

  • cristi marinescu
    cristi marinescuHace un mes

    I sat and turned the news on all the parts, I watched and revised the moment the building collapsed. That it was an implosion, the appearance cannot be doubted. The implosion of the building could not be produced, as such, only by an air-to-ground rocket (launched from the plane or drone). What is certain is that the implosion occurred as a result of chain explosions, explosions caused by the presence of significant amounts of explosive charges. My conclusion: the air-ground missile "stuck" fixed in an indefinite number of ballistic loads (ground-to-ground missiles J80 / M25 / R160 etc), stored in the basement of the building, which led to a "reaction" in the chain and consequently to the instantaneous implosion of the building. The magnitude of the explosion caused by the explosion (the flame that rose to a height of about 50-60m and scattered over an area of hundreds of square meters) I think fully supports my statements.

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    Hace un mes

    comes justice of sin being punished one way or another, on Jesus or on you in eternal separation from God, SO CHOOSE JESUS.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas miniHace un mes

    Good, keep it up , flatten all of it

  • Ariel Moshe
    Ariel MosheHace un mes

    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of Me,鈥 saith the Lord. (ISAIAH 54:17)

  • Zippydodah Quirk

    Zippydodah Quirk

    Hace 28 d铆as

    What the heck are you talking about?

  • G0KU14 1
    G0KU14 1Hace un mes


  • cesur ay
    cesur ayHace un mes

    Israel will lose the war and face consequences of what they鈥檝e done

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    Hace un mes

    Jordan, Bahrain and the UAE. Palestinians. Never missing a chance to miss on an opportunity since 1882.

  • Nazron Md Isa
    Nazron Md IsaHace un mes

    #Isupportisrael #Israelunderattack #Israeunderfire #Iloveisrael #SHAMEONISRAEL #Yourmothergreen #MakKauHijau Look At This..What Do You Feel??

  • ware kasa
    ware kasaHace un mes

    May the Curse of Almighty God who created the heavens be upon the zionist...

  • Adi Bansal
    Adi BansalHace un mes

    Whatever, sayin it again, whatever be the cause, The one who kills is the Devil not Human. God please forgive them馃槶馃檹

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  • mohammed habib N'bandi
    mohammed habib N'bandiHace un mes

    I don't know why but it reminds me of 911

  • George Morley
    George MorleyHace un mes

    FREE PALESTINE...with every purchase of Palestine of equal or greater value. Offer not valid in Israel.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jonHace un mes

    globe supporting them!

  • Varun Agnihotri
    Varun AgnihotriHace un mes

    Great work.... Love the precision

  • Dan Ron
    Dan RonHace un mes

    Free Palestine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Hamas. They use children as Human Shields. They rocket fire from Arab kindergartens to Jewish kindergartens. They got billions of dollars from EU/US/ArabLeague for schools and hospitals, but built rockets and tunnels. They are a disaster for Palestinian people.

  • today news
    today newsHace un mes

    Milaniyo ki gand maro馃槀

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    Hace un mes


  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian RodriguezHace un mes

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  • Will. Avila
    Will. AvilaHace un mes

    Viva Israel 馃嚠馃嚤鉂 Long live Israel 馃嚠馃嚤馃挋

  • dolita windo
    dolita windoHace un mes

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  • Marcio Oliveira
    Marcio OliveiraHace un mes

    Viva Israel

  • Yossi Biton
    Yossi BitonHace un mes

    They could have made Gaza into a regional French Riviera - sky blue waterfront, sands white as pearls. They could have turned cement into theme parks, hospitals and community centers. They could have picked the way of negotiation and diplomacy. Soft-spokenness over aggressive terminology. They could have chosen to be like Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and the UAE. Palestinians. Never missing a chance to miss on an opportunity since 1882.

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    Hace un mes

    I am all for defending yourself. Do what you need to do to defend yourself Israel. Bomb Hamas back to the stone ages, literally!!!!

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin SkywalkerHace un mes


  • gemstateguy
    gemstateguyHace un mes

    Bunker-buster hits, then secondary explosion goes off and causes the actual collapse.

  • Scorp
    ScorpHace un mes


  • Alexandra Thomas
    Alexandra ThomasHace un mes


    GHOST95 ARTKAGHace un mes

    蟹写邪薪懈褟 锌芯褏芯卸械 锌褍褋褌褘械

  • Cable Guy
    Cable GuyHace un mes

    Has been confirmed that this building was used by Hamas to control rocket launching and had GPS disruption tech in there. Al Jazeera knew about the Hamas presents in the building. PS, look at how the building was collapsed from inside so it won't fall and damage the buildings next to it. The intelligence here is beyond most human beings' understanding.

  • Cable Guy

    Cable Guy

    Hace 27 d铆as

    @Premintex Looks like you don't really looking for the truth and just pulling answers out of your azz

  • Premintex


    Hace 27 d铆as

    @Cable Guy No, just looking at footage. The US didn't confirm anything lol. Besides, you're just trusting their words, them saying anything without proof does not confirm it

  • Cable Guy

    Cable Guy

    Hace 28 d铆as

    @Premintex Are you looking for confirmation on YT? The US confirmed that they got all the intelligence they need confirming Hamas was using that building as a shield while conducting its operation there, thinking Israel won't take it down because there are press presents.

  • Premintex


    Hace 28 d铆as

    No, it hasn't been confirmed. It's been a week and no evidence was released.

  • Jacek Kubiak
    Jacek KubiakHace un mes

    So simple to avoid those damages, just stop strike Israel...

    MIRROR WORLDHace un mes

    They don't fear of God they have fear of camera. 馃嚠馃嚦馃嚨馃嚫馃嚠馃嚦馃嚨馃嚫馃嚠馃嚦馃嚨馃嚫

  • Muz man
    Muz manHace un mes

    We stand with Palestine 鈾ワ笍馃嚨馃嚫鈾ワ笍馃嚙馃嚛 馃Long live Palestine馃挏

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqmHace un mes

    Nice Footage. Perfect quality.

  • Sunny Day
    Sunny DayHace un mes

    Very good

  • what to say
    what to sayHace un mes

    Prevent 'Qatar's Funding for Hamas' !

  • Mac Adios
    Mac AdiosHace un mes

    In 3... 2.. 1. building is gone馃槯

  • l HF
    l HFHace un mes

    I am all for defending yourself. Do what you need to do to defend yourself Israel. Bomb Hamas back to the stone ages, literally!!!!

  • l HF

    l HF

    Hace un mes

    @drttyu liqm Cowards are those who send their youths and innocent citizens to death as martyrs. Cowards are those who hate their enemies more than they love their own children.

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    Hace un mes

    the pain You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze Shame on israel. Israel coward.

  • Ray L
    Ray LHace un mes

    That鈥檚 why we call it history. We forget and repeat. May peace be soon found again.

  • Hemi Dave
    Hemi DaveHace un mes

    So beautiful.......

  • Venkatesh P

    Venkatesh P

    Hace 19 d铆as

    yeah terrorists bombing building is beautiful ?

  • Joel Turpin
    Joel TurpinHace un mes

    Love it!


    Can anybody provide footage of the incoming missile?

  • Daniel Martino
    Daniel MartinoHace un mes

    This territory isn't yours, be gratefull to the ONU who stole it for you. You lost Jerusalem with the Roman for your own misbehavior. You can caress all you want a goal that will never turn into a sheep said Jesus.

  • Lello G
    Lello GHace un mes

    Great place to live

  • Biomed Tech
    Biomed TechHace un mes

    Religions are awful. We are all humans.

  • AUWDA ProjectI賲卮乇賵毓 毓賵丿丞
    AUWDA ProjectI賲卮乇賵毓 毓賵丿丞Hace un mes

    Palestine to Paradise

  • Raphael Kaufmann
    Raphael KaufmannHace un mes

    Bye bye lyers and murderers alike...

  • Mohd Irfan
    Mohd IrfanHace un mes

    You will see the day when the whole of Islam is angry..then you will know who is not believe ..? look & see馃檪馃檪

  • Sargon Varian
    Sargon VarianHace un mes

    Exactly what weapons are used to do this? Im surprised by its accuray.

  • Sir Kay
    Sir KayHace un mes

    Yeah when Hamas had already left and only civilians are left with their babies inside the buildings.

  • HD1070 CVC
    HD1070 CVCHace un mes

    Why people killed people?

  • iffah
    iffahHace un mes

    A blinding flash of white light Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight People running for cover Not knowing whether they're dead or live They came with their tanks and their planes With ravaging fiery flames And nothing remains Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze We will not go down In the night without a fight You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools But our spirit will never die We will not go down In Gaza tonight Women and children alike Murdered and massacred night after night While the so-called leaders of countries afar Debated on who's wrong or right But their powerless words were in vain And the bombs fell down like acid rain But through the tears and the blood and the pain You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze Shame on israel. Israel coward.

  • Masti Time
    Masti TimeHace un mes


  • mr p
    mr pHace un mes

    There is no way that was an air strike..........

  • Platinum Music
    Platinum MusicHace un mes

    The only solution is cutting Hamas funding. They have a history of using children as human shields and are 100% against a two state solution. Meanwhile they misappropriate hundreds of billions of dollars in aid money while their population lives in poverty. Their networks in the west set up charities, schools, and cultural bodies for that generate constant streams of funding and politicians are too complacent to care. And now since the Palestinian authority postponed their election Hamas has cynically taken the opportunity to provoke an attack from Israel to weaken the opposition Fatah party from the calamity they orchestrate.

  • pain
    painHace un mes

    Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.

  • Sophia Luxuriey

    Sophia Luxuriey

    Hace un mes

    Pain.. Pls give back my Neiji

  • PAIN


    Hace un mes

    This world Shall know pain!!

  • Patrick Odia Oestreich
    Patrick Odia OestreichHace un mes

    Warum sitzt alle auf der Wolke und guckt sich das alles an Allah will nicht auf die Erde runterkommen weil ihr selber eure Probleme regeln m眉sst Allah ist nicht die bisch der Pal盲stina

  • 冒谢褞写懈 懈脝
    冒谢褞写懈 懈脝Hace un mes

    Crime minister Abiy (Ethiopia) and Dictator Esayas (Eritrea) are now using chemical weapons on innocent civilians of Tigray people. Where are you UN?????????

  • jaffer hussain
    jaffer hussainHace un mes

    Similarly Israel will be wiped off from the map

  • Tanmay FF gaming world series
    Tanmay FF gaming world seriesHace un mes

    Vaccination of corona virus is going on by israely army. Great work. India is with you dear israel.

  • HKF1
    HKF1Hace un mes

    Ah yes attack civilians, terrorism will make em stop the attacks...

  • Chris Skywalker
    Chris SkywalkerHace un mes

    Wow, that one was stunning. Is that one missile? I heard two explosion...

  • Gigi Izzy
    Gigi IzzyHace un mes

    Cnn next?

  • Rudolf Valente
    Rudolf ValenteHace un mes

    OMG. What a hit. Viva la revolution !!

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu noouiHace un mes

    The way that building was level is insane.

  • Amita Jaiswal Sahu
    Amita Jaiswal SahuHace un mes

    Aljazeera would surely hold grudge for a long time from now

  • MichaelSephiroth
    MichaelSephirothHace un mes

    this is another "strategic attack on jamas", we are sure there was one member in there

  • pradeep kumar Mishra
    pradeep kumar MishraHace un mes

    Target achieved

  • Dr Ritam Hazarika
    Dr Ritam HazarikaHace un mes

    Great 鉂わ笍 Al jajeera is a HOPELESS channel. Always with a false propaganda against India. KARMA 馃檹

  • Dr Ritam Hazarika

    Dr Ritam Hazarika

    Hace un mes

    @foopyu nooui Hindu/ Wire/ Print all are same.

  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    Hace un mes

    strip and pointed to the lack of political will in the Arab world to protect the Palestinians. Published in THE HINDU, May 18th, 2021馃憚馃槜

  • MN A
    MN AHace un mes

    Birruh, Biddam, Nafdika ya AQSA! 馃嚨馃嚫鉂わ笍 Love from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 馃嚥馃嚲

  • HHaatii
    HHaatiiHace un mes

    Too precise to be not a planned demolition. Mind blowing tech by IDF.

  • Md biz
    Md bizHace un mes


  • jack Heshad
    jack HeshadHace un mes

    Why palastine or any other country cannot do anything when they warn before attack

  • Nir Maatuk
    Nir MaatukHace un mes

    You can love Israel, you can hate Israel, But you can't fuck with Israel.

  • Muhammad Jan
    Muhammad JanHace un mes

    Russian army president of russia potion plzzz help in ghaza plz

  • dung nguyen
    dung nguyenHace un mes

    Crime Isreal Jesus you see?

  • chappy0061
    chappy0061Hace un mes

    Says a lot about AP and Al Jazeera that they are sharing office space with terrorists.

  • FromFilmToCode
    FromFilmToCodeHace un mes

    There was a warning an hour before, everyone had evacuated. That's why the journos had cameras there.

  • Kava Srinu

    Kava Srinu

    Hace 27 d铆as

    @Hasan Numano臒lu Jesus is the way to Heaven,not a Religion.Jesus never came to Start one more new Religion.

  • Hasan Numano臒lu

    Hasan Numano臒lu

    Hace 28 d铆as

    @Kava Srinu looks like I m in extreme religious channel, sorry to bother

  • Kava Srinu

    Kava Srinu

    Hace 29 d铆as

    @Hasan Numano臒lu Really Bad Question.

  • Hasan Numano臒lu

    Hasan Numano臒lu

    Hace un mes

    What a strange mindset you have, why they hit press building? Very obvious...

    AFTERBURNER JoslynHace un mes

    Good, keep it up , flatten all of it

  • Punto Bare
    Punto BareHace un mes

    Property values just going up.

  • Aniket kumar
    Aniket kumarHace un mes

    Why everyone happy in the comments?

  • EnasYas


    Hace un mes

    i hate that :

  • Steve Jefferson
    Steve JeffersonHace un mes

    Gaza rockets part of resistance, says Indian collective A Correspondent Published May 18, 2021 - Updated about 3 hours ago New Delhi: Rockets fired by Palestinians against Israel are part of a 鈥渞esistance鈥 which is supported by international law, a group of writers and artistes led by Arundhati Roy and Nayantara Sahgal has declared, The Hindu said on Monday. In a statement, the collective accused Israeli government of killing Palestinian children and blamed Israeli settlers for illegally trying to snatch Palestinian land. The collective, which includes actor Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, novelist Githa Hariharan and economist Prabhat Patnaik, said narration of the latest fighting in Gaza should not deprive Palestinians of their 鈥渄ignity and right to resist鈥. 鈥淧alestinians in Gaza fired rockets at Israel. The rockets did not start or define the brutality that followed. The rockets came as as part of a resistance - backed by international law - of an illegal occupation,鈥 declared the statement from the collective. It said Israeli retaliation with 鈥渆xtreme force鈥 killed civilians, including children. India taking a stand on the flare-up has told the UN that the Gaza rockets were indiscriminate and the Israeli bombardment was retaliatory, a language not very different from President Joe Biden鈥檚 comments on the issue. The collective urged the Egyptian air force to provide a 鈥榥o-fly zone鈥 above Gaza strip and pointed to the lack of political will in the Arab world to protect the Palestinians. Published in THE HINDU, May 18th, 2021馃憚馃槜

  • Lishi Kojum
    Lishi KojumHace un mes

    there is no bomb

  • Martin xialhope
    Martin xialhopeHace un mes

    Those two buildings spared???

  • Aarib Ali
    Aarib AliHace un mes

    World can't see clear truth.... Media will not say it Zionist Terrorism or Zionist Terrorist, no international force will invade to stop Zionist terrorism, war criminals...