Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!
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    it is fun!!!

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    35:33 wTh

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    ESpast mix Yui poliju Thomas Yui yuoen

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    acho incriveis esses episodios;parabens esse e' um otimo trabalho'ate

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    Mega CharmasterHace 19 horas

    Orange was like let me show you how it’s done in the music one

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    in inputs they do not write

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    Orange: the normal Minecraft player Green: the creative Minecraft player Blue: thewitch and red stone Minecraft player Red: a crazy idea Minecraft player Yellow: A minecraft player that always live life to de limit

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    Orange just trying to sleep

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  • Abel Amanollah
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    This so cool animations

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    Im still dont understand why the orange guy is different from the rest

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    4:45 Minecraft in Minecraft

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    D E M O N S T I C K M A N S .

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    Alan Becker

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    Muito foda gente vamo dança

  • 89. 15 years ago
    89. 15 years agoHace un día

    36:15 it’s the AVM original fight But the complete Opposite

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  • jazarina aduni aduni
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    I like alan backer

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    I wish I was as good as this person

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    I so love the sound

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    7:00 japanese anime lol

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    Genki2 SatohHace 2 días

    Yellow=redstone pro blue=plant pro red=living creature pro green=Build pro orange= build home pro alan becker=youtube pro and animation pro

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    Ibrokhim RavshanovHace 2 días

    Please make season 3 i can’t play minecraft because its payment please make season 3 i hope that will be my favorite

  • Ibrokhim Ravshanov

    Ibrokhim Ravshanov

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    Its tooks too longer

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    Six, Mono's CounterpartHace 2 días

    3:32 S M A C K

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    I love this

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    U da best

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    Chicken big brean

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    11:01 litterally guitar hero but on minecraft and with stickfigures

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    green rlly cool

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    I love how even with musical potions green is still just as good at music

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    Green color is the queen of the colors it the world

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    6:58 GAME

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    me when I'm on garage band on an apple tablet 6:03

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    Yo también tengo un canal y hago animación

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    win red😀😀😀😀😀😀

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  • Bartu Tuncel
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  • Bartu Tuncel
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    I am gonna be honest, me and my small brothers love this keep this on plz

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    Mojang better start taking notes.

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    So this is what it is Red: herobrine Blue: witch Yellow: lucky block

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    i love you animation

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    My car always stay with me awww

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    No you mean cat

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    Que risa 9:00

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    Listen this part with a handfry 8:00 what sound coming from red noteblock

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    What happened to that chiken at 9:59

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    0:00 Redstone Academy 06:01 Note Block Battle 12:10 Build Battle 17:37 Texture Pack 27:03 Lucky Block 38:18 End

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    2:56 whoa green make Friday night funkin lol

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    @Mad man 62 XD Mad man he got it from creative mode I think

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    You must be a little kid to not know what that was

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    12:29 how did red get some much obsidian

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    Dance Dance Revolution.

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    *screams in its dance dance revolution*

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    Мне курица понравидась

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    Hola como están por allá que están en el el trabajo que están en la pagina del colegio y que están en el mismo horario de

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    Que se debe

  • Dilan Contreras YT
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    11:40 when it’s my turn to be on the music talent show

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    i loved these when i was younger and now i love them even more