Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story

Ciencia y tecnología

This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here:
Watch the live stream-
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror-
Spin the rover around in 3D-
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-


  • Mark Rober
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    TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.

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    The rover isn't on mars it's on devon island in Canada

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    The send samples back to earth thing sounds like the start of a bio horror movie

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    The guttural H habitual keyboard willy long because cotton thessaly colour over a obedient step-daughter. festive, tested valley

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    If you think crashing your drone on Earth feels bad, imagine if your Mars drone crashed.

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    A nuclear reactor

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    If you put a building system on Mars Rover you can build base and land on Mars with people and you have a base.

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    Mars Rover? Mark Rober?

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    I've always heard in your videos you worked here, but it 's nice to actually see what that looked like for you! Thanks for making this.

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    JPL is real I thought it was something made up for “Rim Of The World”

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    Mr rover I hope you know that I’m 12 and striving to work at nasa some day Ik strive to be just like you

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    You don’t know how much you have helped me I want to work a NASA like you for at least 5 years. I want to be Able to say I have worked and NASA and help to put a rover or something else on Mars!

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    in the future: building a dyson sphere

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    I littarly started crying

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    Perseverance is overall the key to the future, that rover will lead us to more achievements.

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    i love your vids mark keep it up

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    Mark I hate to tell you but...... the least favorite uncle has surrendered

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    My dad used to work at the place

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    Imagine in the future there will be tourist trips to see the rovers in mars

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    This is curiosities son



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    when something cool like this happens you feel immersed in the future of humanity

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    This is much more wholesome to see than what a news portal could deliver - thank you for being with us and giving us this moment to appreciate the great minds who work on amazing things!

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    Imagine marvel casting him as Tony stark🤗😍🤩

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    Didn't expect to cry on this video

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    or other freakin planet

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    I don't know why but whenever i watch the fottage of the opportunity landing and when they say "Touchdown confirmed we're safe on Mars" it always gives me chills

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    Build a cubesat

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    15 x mach 2 (5.56 nato bullet) = mach 30. WHAAAAAAA

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    Me: I want to learn new things *Watched Mark Rober* I learned that Mark started at NASA before ESpast *Tells my mom*

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    Imagine NASA got destroyed

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    That ending scene seriously, like actually brought me to tears, that was beautiful.

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    A true fan can remember when this was titled "4 days before Landing!" (or something like that)

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    Amazing and so informative.

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    thanks you just helped my science grades bye the way your the best

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    Mark rober in 2050: building my home on Mars 😂 BTW great video 💜

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    Fun fact:opertnary got offline 2 years ago

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    Rover: im the first person to step on mars

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    Hmmmm that livestream was of a simulation... and NOT ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE LANDING. What a disappointment

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    @Adam Haspel there's over 20 cameras on the Rover... use some common sense pal

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    Mars Lost most of it's magnetic field which caused the sun to destroy most of the atmosphere and without the atmosphere mars cooled down and the water became ice so the water is not gone just frozen

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