Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live


Khruangbin plays a set accompanied by Drippy Eye Projections for Pitchfork Live.
00:00 Intro
00:38 Cómo Me Quieres
04:14 Dern Kala
07:45 August 10
12:41 Friday Morning
19:27 August Twelve
24:45 Mr. White
29:26 Two Fish and an Elephant
34:14 White Gloves
37:19 Lady and Man
42:37 Evan Finds the Third Room
48:19 Maria También


  • benjamin cuevas
    benjamin cuevasHace un hora


  • mguarin912
    mguarin912Hace 2 horas

    Father Time on the drums.

  • Ivan Kosor
    Ivan KosorHace 2 horas

    Khruangbin transcended me to a higher level of understanding feelings. I will enjoy this sermon for years to come.

  • NewWorld 2020
    NewWorld 2020Hace 5 horas

    Is this good music to sleep by or something I don’t understand.

  • TimTimSalabim
    TimTimSalabimHace 6 horas

    This is the music I imagine they play in the waiting room to Heaven.

  • João Pedro Cunha
    João Pedro CunhaHace 8 horas

    I wonder if someday in the future I'm going to talk about Khruangbin the same way people nowadays talk about their favourite bands in the past like Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead or any other band... I hope so.

  • david owens
    david owensHace 9 horas

    I love this band! I throw on my tie dye shirt and listen to this whenever I am feeling the boo-hoosies coming on

  • Jo Ken
    Jo KenHace 10 horas

    is this the perfect music for weed?

  • Lawdawg 327
    Lawdawg 327Hace 11 horas

    I dig the nod to the geto boys... My mind's playing tricks on me.

  • uncleambient
    uncleambientHace 14 horas

    Nice music, bad wigs.

  • Mister C
    Mister CHace 17 horas

    I'm gonna bang my wife to this music...

  • Philippe Maniez
    Philippe ManiezHace 17 horas

    4,9K people forgot to light up and have a good time.

  • en enkhjin
    en enkhjinHace 18 horas

    i want to live in this video, let me stay here for a while

  • Squiggy Wigginz
    Squiggy WigginzHace un día

    I just played a lead to this that tore my skin off.

  • Piotr Grążawski
    Piotr GrążawskiHace un día


  • Ryan Chavarria
    Ryan ChavarriaHace un día


  • Sara Sandoval
    Sara SandovalHace un día

    When someone suggest a new artist, band, or music.... I'll usually change it after a while... This had me at 2 minutes. What is this genre? Amazing! That's what genre!

  • justin devaney
    justin devaneyHace 2 días

    Swiss watch’s are set to the drummers time

  • Quinn Lane
    Quinn LaneHace 2 días

    I was looking for a specific live tame impala performance. But this popped up. Way better.

  • Widhi Cell
    Widhi CellHace 2 días

    Imagine khruang bin x covet

  • Washington Sanchez
    Washington SanchezHace 2 días

    Pretty sure they set the atomic clock by the drummer.

  • Maxim Popov
    Maxim PopovHace 2 días

    Peter Green's influences 💙

  • Jason
    JasonHace 2 días


  • François-Yves Prigent
    François-Yves PrigentHace 2 días

    love the bassist girl

  • Minimal Red
    Minimal RedHace 2 días

    Thank you for using a female organism body part that signal health for the care of offspring and announce attraction for the male organism that seek reproduction and the continuance of the species as a thumbnail, otherwise I would've never clicked and discover good music.

  • Lisa Bella Donna
    Lisa Bella DonnaHace 2 días

    Love everything about this band

  • Taylor Green
    Taylor GreenHace 2 días

    First man in space Yuri Gagarin said his only regret was not living long enough to see Khruangbin play

  • Adam Wakefield
    Adam WakefieldHace 3 días

    I listen to this every day. Awesome production!

  • Moonflare
    MoonflareHace 3 días

    Yo the comments about the drummer never get old. Hope he knows of the legends we are spreading of him lol

  • mguarin912


    Hace 2 horas


  • Mike From USA
    Mike From USAHace 3 días

    Wow. I love this band.

  • adreamingwolf
    adreamingwolfHace 3 días

    2021 and I still listen to this all the time

  • Aaron Mendonca
    Aaron MendoncaHace 3 días

    I googled Greenwich Mean Time and this video popped up.

  • Diego Serrat
    Diego SerratHace 4 días

    Que buenos que son por fin algo sanador!! Desde Argentina con amor!!

  • Diego Serrat
    Diego SerratHace 4 días

    Que buenos que son por fin algo sanador!! Desde Argentina con amor!!

  • 2hpoint
    2hpointHace 4 días


  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew GuerreroHace 4 días


  • Micheal McLellan
    Micheal McLellanHace 4 días

    If this drummer got sucked into Jumanji instead of Alan Parrish, he would come out after 26 years in the jungle and tell those kids what time it is.

  • Cagol Ade
    Cagol AdeHace 5 días


  • samebutdifferent records
    samebutdifferent recordsHace 5 días

    Devendra Banhart but without Devendra Banhart singing

  • David Anderson
    David AndersonHace 5 días

    I can't get enough of this set, it's just magic.

  • EdouardPicard0224
    EdouardPicard0224Hace 5 días

    Fun fact: you didn't look for this video

  • Matheus Carvalho

    Matheus Carvalho

    Hace 2 días

    I did

  • Brad Spalding
    Brad SpaldingHace 5 días

    Rhetorical question: How perfect is Laura Lee?

  • Nasko Next
    Nasko NextHace 5 días

    The guitar man is a fan of Joe Satriani and J. Hendrix for sure!

  • M dgeece
    M dgeeceHace 5 días

    where does he get ceramic bridge trigger

  • Bryan Almel
    Bryan AlmelHace 5 días

    therapy ❤️

  • Anthony Bila
    Anthony BilaHace 5 días

    I don't know why I feel so emotional listening to this set but I feel it in my heart and soul, imagine the energy being there. Utterly superb.

  • hello world
    hello worldHace 5 días

    The drummer is the type of guy who pays his bills on time

  • Sohel Ahmed

    Sohel Ahmed

    Hace 2 días

    My kinda guy .

  • Em Potter

    Em Potter

    Hace 2 días

    He's definitely takin' care of bizznezz

  • mysticfedora


    Hace 2 días

    WOW okay after all the exhaustive timing/pocket comments about DJ i really feel like this ones a breath of fresh air LOL. A+

  • François-Yves Prigent

    François-Yves Prigent

    Hace 2 días

    @Julian Aceto i'd like to know such a drummer :)

  • Julian Aceto

    Julian Aceto

    Hace 4 días

    Drum roll.

  • Папач Сергей
    Папач СергейHace 6 días

    Шестидесятые до того как их убил Мэнсон.

  • vinnie chavez
    vinnie chavezHace 6 días

    August 10 slaps

  • Jack Humphrey
    Jack HumphreyHace 6 días

    This band only fly's Pan Am.

  • Amar
    AmarHace 6 días

    "Whites Gloves" .... no words ...

  • Cym Henry
    Cym HenryHace 6 días

    Anybody else think Friday Morning sounds like the intro of Wolf by Tyler the Creator?

  • mrpentium
    mrpentiumHace 7 días


  • Darran Goodman
    Darran GoodmanHace 7 días

    All I can say is Laura Lee funking out to second half of Lady and man starting around 40 mins is like a thousand babies being made at once

  • figURowna
    figURownaHace 7 días

    I love when music just finds you.

  • chrisandyoli wilson
    chrisandyoli wilsonHace 8 días

    21:35 21:34 21:35 21:36 21:37 21:38 21:39 21:40 21:43 21:35

  • Harshvardhan Mathur
    Harshvardhan MathurHace 8 días

    Good music, soothing to ears, mind, soul and the whole body

  • stephen comstock
    stephen comstockHace 8 días

    how to pronounce banc name...Ive just discovered them

  • Maxim Popov
    Maxim PopovHace 8 días

    Most atmospheric and interesting progressive Psychedelic band in contemporary music 💙

  • William Souza
    William SouzaHace 8 días

    "If you like to say hello, press 1"

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris RobinsonHace 8 días

    It really shows how far music has fallin that this is considered brilliant by the horde of Coffee shop hipsters here, this is boring noodling to nowhere and quite necronistic and dead....

  • Login Online Cues

    Login Online Cues

    Hace 7 días

    Who hurt you?

  • Chuck Wagon
    Chuck WagonHace 8 días

    guitar melody in the first song begins off sounding like the song Philadelphia by Neil Young

  • Aaron Coe
    Aaron CoeHace 9 días

    These Sassy winches will bite your knickers off. Be warned!

  • victorvsl
    victorvslHace 9 días

    Twin Peaks vibes

  • Egido Val
    Egido ValHace 9 días

    incredible band and performance, haven´t heard about them before but it´s a pleasure. Very interesting. So great!

  • Rafaël Doriez
    Rafaël DoriezHace 9 días

    I love checking in to this live every now and then just for the new jokes about the drummer's precision. Keep it up people !

  • dougcl
    dougclHace 9 días

    I'm hearing Ice Cube at 12:45

  • bodhi
    bodhiHace 9 días

    42:37 unleashing the 70s funk on maximum vibe - YES

  • TimTrOn3000
    TimTrOn3000Hace 9 días

    5000 people who don't know what they're talking about

  • Paulo Davi
    Paulo DaviHace 9 días

    That little shimmy at 6:19 is my new religion. This some tasty stuff, bruh.

  • mario elnenegüey
    mario elnenegüeyHace 10 días

    buenisimos, sí. pero que alguien le diga al guitarra que se cambie de corte de pelo y evite las coreografias sensuales, por el amor de Dios!

  • Ding Bat
    Ding BatHace 10 días

    astounding, got me through some dark dark times

  • Jason Moore
    Jason MooreHace 10 días

    If Eric Johnson and Massive Attack had a baby, this is what it would sound like. Love it

  • Dankfest0311
    Dankfest0311Hace 10 días


  • Dankfest0311


    Hace 9 días

    I know but this particular set is not

  • Piet Puk

    Piet Puk

    Hace 9 días

    all their albums are available in vinyl. enjoy!

  • Tim Stough
    Tim StoughHace 10 días

    This drummer is the Chuck Norris of timekeeping.

  • Oskar Hegge
    Oskar HeggeHace 10 días

    1 song is crazy live

  • くり返しと、揺らぎと。(kuriyura)&kuriyura-mono
    くり返しと、揺らぎと。(kuriyura)&kuriyura-monoHace 11 días

    Great Sound!!!

  • Dan Durack
    Dan DurackHace 11 días

    Those are some enviable hair-piles... not to mention the insane musicianship.

  • Big Boss
    Big BossHace 11 días

    algorithm too strong

  • thewillingwell
    thewillingwellHace 11 días

    I love this band but their vinyl is expensive. Still gonna have it though.

  • James Camileti
    James CamiletiHace 11 días

    I literally bootlegged it on my walkman to have it offline ❤

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan WilsonHace 11 días

    Anybody know the hi hat?

  • matias mat
    matias matHace 11 días

    los belkings 1967 ?..... listen to this

  • Jungle Man
    Jungle ManHace 11 días


  • Jorge Avendaño
    Jorge AvendañoHace 12 días

    Buena música, además de la belleza de la joven. Me hacen acordar por momentos a los últimos 3 álbumes de los Belkings.

  • Shahin Zebarjad
    Shahin ZebarjadHace 12 días

    What a Beautiful Music, Loved it!

  • Penis Krieger
    Penis KriegerHace 12 días

    the real question is when is the guitarist gonna use his pinky

  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1Hace 12 días

    Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, Steve Cropper and a little Hendrix throne in for good measure, NICE!

  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1Hace 12 días

    God those wigs must be hot to play in.

  • Hd34 Hd34
    Hd34 Hd34Hace 12 días

    Cocaine music

  • Gari Covex
    Gari CovexHace 12 días


  • FiName LaName
    FiName LaNameHace 12 días

    This is unbelievable. Why didn't anyone tell me Carlos Santana had kids with as much talent as he had? I've wasted years of my life!

  • Carlos Arvili
    Carlos ArviliHace 13 días


  • Fernando Reis
    Fernando ReisHace 13 días

    Descobri hj essa banda!!! batida blues c psicodélica 🤘🤘🤘

  • Lucy T
    Lucy THace 13 días

    I was trying to think who Laura Lee reminds me of and it's Meg White, the hair helps here I guess

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev CheliosHace 13 días

    Ramones + LSD =

  • Jessica Andrade de Oliveira
    Jessica Andrade de OliveiraHace 13 días

    esse ficou de fude

  • Danny Alves
    Danny AlvesHace 14 días

    That little bounce Laura Lee does while playing is just *chef's kiss* Also the overall aesthetic of the performance is just perfect

  • ander son
    ander sonHace 14 días


  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher FinnHace 14 días

    Never heard of these guys and ESpast just randomly served this up obviously because they know I like music. The funny thing is though when it first came up I was thinking oh what's this going to be and thinking I would shut it off right away but I ended up grabbing my guitar and playing along.